Escape Academy Review - I'm An A+ Student
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Escape Academy Review - I'm An A+ Student

I love escape rooms, so the idea of a video game designed by escape room creators is right up my alley. To its credit, Escape Academy does a damn good job of capturing the feeling of completing an escape room, with the added spice of dangerous consequences that a fictional story set in a virtual space allows. Escape Academy is, however, oftentimes too accurate to the experience of an escape room for its own good. Still, there's a delightful puzzle game here that makes for a rewarding afternoon with a friend nonetheless.

Escape Academy sees you step into the shoes of the newest student to attend a school that trains would-be spies, hackers, and thieves. To prove you're the best in your class you must earn 10 badges throughout the year, which are awarded for proving your worth in a series of planned tests, pop quizzes, unforeseen traps, and faculty assignments--all of which are constructed as escape rooms.

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These escape rooms are structured much like real-world ones, requiring you to observe the 3D space you're trapped in from a first-person perspective while using point-and-click adventure game mechanics to find patterns, clues, and objects that could aid you in escape. Sometimes that means figuring out how the number of objects in a room can clue you into the necessary digits for opening a combination lock, other times that means noticing that empty cans of glow-in-the-dark paint suggest there may be a painted message somewhere that can only be seen by turning off the lights.

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